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Ludington is one of the most camper friendly locations on the lakeshore of Michigan. The backdrop here provides a relaxing yet fun location for outdoor activities like hiking.  Summer in Ludington is the perfect season for RV camping and pitching a tent while winters are better spent in a cabin camp.  There are camping sites along Silver Lake, Pere Marquette, Hamlin Lake etc. The beaches of Lake Michigan are close by, making your camping experience a full-fledged vacation.

Things to Do in Ludington

Big Sable Point Light House

One of the most visited places in Ludington is the Big Sable Point Light House located very close from the Ludington State Park. The view of Lake Michigan from the top of the lighthouse is sure to leave you awestruck.

Lake Hamlin

Lake Hamlin is a perfect site for some wildlife sighting, boating, and fishing. Blessed with scenic beauty, the beach here has crystal clear water and you can hike on your way here to spot some animals and check out the local wonders in this area of Ludington. You can also visit the Hamlin Dam on your trip to Lake Hamlin.

Silver Lake Sand Dunes

Located at some distance from the main Ludington City, the Silver Lake Sand Dunes are a magic for the eyes to behold while the sun sets.  You can visit the Silver Lake nearby and indulge in some water activities there as well. You can spend a pleasant evening here with your family.


If you love being close to nature, Manistee is just the place for you. One of the major reasons why camping enthusiasts are attracted to Manistee for their weekend escape is the fact that it is both- urban and naturally exotic.  The Manistee National Forest, Golf Championship and the Best Waterways in Michigan make it a much preferred destination for campers and tourists. Water activities get a new high in Manistee with the 276 miles of water stretch making Manistee a top choice for anyone who loves adventure.

Things to do in Manistee

Manistee River Water Recreation

Known for the fine water sports culture here, Manistee is crowded with surfers and swimmers all-round the year. Boating, kayaking, and fishing are some of the activities that you must indulge in. Fishing is more of a tradition in Manistee and there aren't any additional norms or regulations for fishing here. You can hire a boat and get some fishing lessons along for a petty sum here.


The Manistee National Forest has several hiking trails going through it which can take you through some of the must visit tourists spots in the area. You can get to spot some of the wild animals and birds in the forest on these hiking trails as well. Just dive in for the experience and put on your hiking shoes.

Go Golfing

When in Manistee, it is impossible to miss out on golf. The legacy of golf championship that this place carries make it hold a special place in the heart of golf lovers. A total of five golf courses are located in Manistee and to get a close look at the culture of golfing here, you must go out and experience it for yourself.

Grand Haven

One of the beach towns of Michigan, Grand Haven is a home to the biggest musical fountain in the world, beautiful beaches, and a rich history. Camping in Grand Haven can turn out to be a once in a lifetime experience owing to the fact that the place offers great outdoor recreation, constantly buzzing downtown and a continuous trail of festivities and culture. RV Camping in Grand Haven is more like a tradition since the place is a summer destination as well as a renaissance city.

Things to do in Grand Haven

Visit the Broadwalk

Do not miss out upon the Broadwalk when you're in Grand Haven. A stroll down this beautiful place can prep up your mood. Walk down the Broadwalk while the sun sets at Spring Lake. You can also move on for a great dinner at some splendid outdoor eateries in Great Haven after the walk.

Visit the Musical Fountain

Housing the biggest Musical Fountain, Grand Haven hosts some of the best and the most thrilling musical performances throughout the year.  Spend an evening here witnessing one of the performances and you'd sure be a fan. There is a catwalk connecting the two lighthouses and you can take a walk there.

The Grand Haven Beach

The Grand Haven Beach is your one-stop destination for a classic summer evening as well as some recreation like boating, fishing, and even hiking. Reserve a day for all the fun activities you can indulge in and then lay back and watch a sunset. There are several areas near the beach where you can camp.


Apart from Dutch History, another thing that makes Holland so popular is the rich natural beauty here. From historical sites to hip camping sites, Holland is a blend of antique and modern. The camping enthusiasts land in Holland to witness some urban excitement with a tinge of homely simplicity.  You do not necessarily need a passport to "Go Dutch" when your vacation here can make up for it.
Things to do in Holland

Big Red

The Big Red is just as unusual as its name is. Located on the shore of Lake Michigan and Lake Macatawa, the Big Red is undoubtedly the most popular lighthouse in the entire Michigan. It is indeed a picturesque sight with the greenery and lakeside view adding to its beauty. You can also visit the nearby Mt. Pisgah dunes here, which is a popular tourist destination.  Dine in at one of the waterfront cafes or the cozy roadside restaurants and your day is sure to be a memorable one.

Downtown Holland

It doesn't get better than the downtown Holland when it comes to local markets. From rich boutiques, cobbled sidewalks and some exceptional sidewalks and breweries, this place is a go-to one if you are camping here and want an insight into the local life.  Don't forget to add a tinge of the royal Dutch touch to everything. The wine tasting house here is a must visit. You could also add fishing to your planner and take either a private trip or a charter captain for a fishing spree.

Go on Biking Trails

The miles of biking and hiking trails in Holland attract a lot of people here.  If you are here in the fall or in spring, the best way to explore the seasonal colors is through hiking or biking. You can rent the bicycles here for minimal rates. One of the trails also covers the Tunnel Park and the sunset here is as mesmerizing as it can get on the shore of Lake Michigan in the backdrop.

South Haven
Talk of beach towns and South Haven is sure to find a mention in your list. Located on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan, the scenic beauty of South Haven  is too varied to be put in words. In fact, the county is nothing short of a resort owing to the rich natural wealth here. South Haven has a rather urban culture compared to other beach towns but there is something for everyone's interest here.

Things to do in South Haven

Watch a riverfront Concert

The culture of performing arts in South Haven is very rich. Music lovers are sure to find South Haven a place of their taste since there are musical concerts and camps organized here from time to time. Operas and live theater are also thoroughly enjoyed. To see how much they care about here, you can visit the museums and galleries here, which are plenty.  Riverfront concerts in South Haven are a must watch owing to the mesmerizing setup and the exotic vibe that they have.

Visit the South Haven Lighthouse

One thing common to lake towns is Lighthouse but there are very few which can boast of one which is a hundred years old. South Haven is one of those with a maritime heritage lighthouse that dates to more than a hundred years. Located on the South Pier, it is antique and has a touch of magic to it. Watch the sunset from here and you'll won't forget the view for as long as you live.


Saugatuck is one of those places which can be a great weekend escape. People from all parts of the country drive into the RV campgrounds here for a quick weekend on the shore of Lake Michigan. Saugatuck is known as the art coast of Lake Michigan and rightfully so, owing to the beautiful natural backdrop here. The white sand beaches and the grassy dunes in Saugatuck are drool worthy. Camping gives to you the best of Saugatuck with the local rural flavors fully exposed to you.

Things to do in Saugatuck

Visit the Oval Beach

In a city that time forgot, the Oval beach is a lady that has stood still for millions of years. The gleaming silver sand here is a welcoming sight and you can spend hours relaxing and building sand beaches here. Come a bit earlier and you can watch the sunrise over the majestic Lake Michigan. You can also go beachcombing and swimming. You can also rent a kayak or go on a fishing trip, chartered or private.

Saugatuck Dunes State Park

The Saugatuck Dunes State Park is your chance to get in touch with the recreational side of Saugatuck. You camp nearby and visit the place for some hiking, birdwatching or activities like skiing, snowshoeing or disc golfing. You are sure to lose track of time with so many things to do here.

Theatres and Concerts

The culture of art in Saugatuck has been kept safe in the downtown areas with numerous galleries, museums, and theaters for the entertainment for the locals as well as the tourists. Make sure to enjoy some of these events on your trip to Saugatuck.

Saint Joseph

'Quaint' is the word that best describes the beach town of Saint Joseph. It is at an elevation. located atop a bluff on the shore of Lake Michigan. Planned structure and the inviting downtown here is the reason you should visit Saint Joseph. Drive into one of the RV campgrounds here and spend the next few days away from the hustle of the world in Saint Joseph. Camping in Saint Joseph is a sheer pleasure with new experiences awaiting at every nook.

Things to do

Visit the Silver Beach

The Silver Beach is the shoreline of Lake Michigan which is located on the bluff of Saint Joseph. Said to be one of the best beaches in the entire US, the beach is where a lot of events in Saint Joseph are organized. You can sign in for a day filled with adventures like boating, fishing, kayaking and skin g or just sit back and relish the bittersweet sun here.

The Farmer's Market

A tinge of rural never hurts, isn't it? The Farmer's Market in Saint Joseph is lavishly set up for showcasing and selling off some fine homegrown fruits, veggies, and plants that the people here have cultivated. The entire year of hard work of the farmers is praised and fairly awarded by the people at the market. Make sure to be a part of it when in Saint Joseph.

The beach towns of Michigan are not just very rich culturally but also scenically. It is the Lake Michigan connection that adds to their aura and makes them such a hit among the camping enthusiasts and tourists. Whether it is a short weekend trip or a long vacation, these beach towns are a must visit at least once owing to their rich art and crafts culture, heritage, history and natural beauty.

Spending holidays and weekends in the beach towns are a much more fun experience owing to the fact that there is an endless list of water activities that you can indulge in apart from the inland fun. Lake Michigan's beach towns which are located on the eastern shore are on top of the list of weekend getaways of campers since they are rich in culture as well as in recreational options. These beach towns have maintained their purity over the years and if anything has changed with time, it is the people. Forgotten by time, these beach towns are: