There is a type of Campground for almost everyone.  From back country backpacking to full service RV Resorts there is somewhere for everyone to relax.  Camping on the Beach can be exciting; but there are also State Campgrounds, and Tent Camping that are available too.

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Tent Camping is perhaps the cheapest type of camping.  Tents can be purchased from Walmart or Kmart for very discounted prices and if you are on a budget you can even take blankets instead of sleeping bags.  Almost every campground has space for you to pitch your tent.  What better way to spend your vacation in the great outdoors than sleeping in a primitive tent out under the stars.

State Campgrounds can be found all over the state.  These Campgrounds are cheaper than commercial campgrounds and often have more premium locations.  They generally have less amenities and are usually staffed by unpaid or paid volunteers.  If you want a more natural experience than try a state owned campground.

Beach Camping can be the adventure of a lifetime.  How relaxing would it be to sleep in the soft sand while going to sleep and waking up to the soft crashing sound of the waves hitting the shoreline.  It is a dream of many campers to spend at least one night on the beach.  Remember when thinking about Beach Camping that frequently it is colder than what you expect.  The water holds the temperature and at night there is usually wind that will push this colder temperature right over your campsite.  Plan ahead if you are going Beach Camping, and make sure it is legal to spend the night on the beach where you plan to stay.  There are very few beaches that are commercial campgrounds so you need to check with local ordinances to make sure you can stay there.  Always be respectful of the environment when camping on the beach.

RV Resorts are very popular for vacation campers.  These types of campgrounds are typically more expensive than traditional tent campgrounds.  What the RV Resort offers for amenities is usually the factor that influences cost the most.  From private resorts where you pay annual fees to farmers fields where they will let you park your RV for the weekend there is something for everybody and every type of RV.  Most traditional campgrounds will have space for RVs to park and hookup at a premium price compared to tent camping.

Backpacking can be an adventure.  Carrying all of your equipment on your back while traveling on foot to a remote location can be a very rewarding experience.  If you go backpacking self-reliance and confidence in your ability are very important.  The ability to get to more remote locations can enhance your experience because you are getting away from the modern lifestyle and away from the RVs and cars driving around the campground.  Often permits are required to backpack and spend the night.  Be careful with your campfire and make sure that you take out everything that you take in so that the next backpacker can enjoy the pristine environment just like you have.