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Getting to Traverse City
Traverse City has its own International Airport; The Cherry Capital Airport. This connects Traverse City to more than three hundred international locations. You can simply make your travel itinerary and hop on the next flight to northern Michigan and Traverse City. Whichever season it maybe, Traverse City and Grand Traverse Bay has plenty of activities and festivals going on to keep the tourists indulged.
Known for its outdoor recreation, Traverse City is a dream destination for camping lovers. The Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore nearby is nature's campground for anybody with a nerve for adventure. You can take to the cabins or drive in your own RV to one of the campgrounds here as well.
Sights to witness in Traverse City
Grand Traverse Common- The Architectural Treasure of Traverse
Although it was originally a mental asylum, the Grand Traverse Common is one of the most enchanting Gothic structures you will see. Over the last few years, Grand Traverse Common is gradually being converted into a market complex. It is a great spot to indulge in some shopping and explore the local art galleries.
Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore
Spreading an area of 62 miles, this place is a breathtakingly beautiful natural wonder that you can never get enough of. There are caves, beaches, and dunes which are as high as 400 feet from the water level. You can walk along the majestic beaches, get amazed by watching the sunrise, or go for the hiking trail here. You can also go to the Manitou Island for a quick tour by just taking one of the ferries that leave from Traverse City. For camping, the Glen Arbor area is a perfect campground to pitch your tents.
Slabtown was a home to the Bohemian immigrants who worked in Traverse City. The name came from the slabs that these immigrants used to build their houses. Over the decades a lot of structures are still upright including the two most popular and vintage bars in this area- The Little Bohemia Pub and Sleder's Family Tavern.  Slabtown is sure to give you chills owing to the vibe that this place has.
Touring the Wine Country
The fun part about touring the wine country is that you get to sip on some of the finest regional wines while you enjoy your tour. Known as the 'Cherry Capital of the World', Traverse City houses some of the most exotic fruit orchards. The awe-inspiring hilltop setting of these wineries, orchards and breweries gives your tour a tinge of adventure.
Recreational Activities
Tall Ship Sailing
Traverse City has an island culture when it comes to sailing. You can go on one of these tall ships which are found in larger number here than any other city in Michigan. The tall ships are usually a replica of other real ships from history. A two-hour sailing experience is sure to leave you spellbound rich with your new experience on Grand Traverse Bay or Lake Michigan.
There are several hiking trails close to Traverse City and the views you get to enjoy are at their best during summer and fall months. The most popular hiking trail here is the Dunes Trail. You can climb up the dunes to witness the mesmerizing view of Glen Lake and the white barns at Day Farm. Other hiking trails include the Alligator Hill and the Glen Haven Trail.
Water Activities
Being a coastal region, there is an endless list of water activities to indulge in at Traverse City. Fishing is one of the most enjoyable activities around this region. Catch some fleshy ones and you can have a delicious barbecue dinner while camping somewhere in the Sleeping Bear Dunes.  You can go boating in Grand Traverse Bay or Lake Michigan as well. The clear glittering waters of Lake Michigan make for an unforgettable experience.
Food Culture of Traverse City
Traverse city is one of the few places in Michigan that offer you farm-to-table cuisine. The food you are served here is naturally grown and freshly picked before making it to your table. The seafood here is phenomenal with the regional, farm grown spices giving them a special flavor. Being the home to some of the best wine the country, Traverse City has its fair share of credits for serving the finest wine in Michigan. So, make it a point to try out the food at the eateries here.
Traverse City is a place full of cultural and geographical wonders. When it comes to outdoors, Traverse City can offer you the best of both worlds with activities like biking and sailing to indulge in.  Traverse City and Grand Traverse Bay is a must visit on your next camping vacation in Michigan.

The shores of the northern coast of Michigan are a picturesque sight throughout the year. These beaches and the numerous festivals organized throughout the year are the reason why Traverse City is on the list of favorite destinations. Surrounded by lush green farmlands, pristine beaches, and drool worthy vineyards; Traverse City is the best place for campers and hiking lovers to relax and rewind.