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Getting to Tahquamenon Falls

Tahquamenon Waterfalls are in the heart of Michigan. What makes them a hot favorite among people who opt for RV campgrounds is that they lie in close proximity to some of the most popular camping areas and parks of Paradise. The Tahquamenon Falls State Park itself is one of the most visited campgrounds in the area. If you are taking your RV for camping, take the Michigan Highway 123 and five miles south from there is the location housing the Tahquamenon Falls. There are numerous state parks around the Tahquamenon Falls but the River Mouth Opening State Park and the Tahquamenon Falls State Park are the most popular ones since the campgrounds here offer camping facilities for campers of every genre, fro, pitching a tent to RV camping and rustic cabins.

Places to see around Tahquamenon Falls

Tahquamenon Falls

The Upper Falls

The Tahquamenon Falls itself is one of the most loved sights in the whole of Paradise. Most of the fun activities in the region happen around these falls and from swimming to fishing, the tourists can indulge in everything they desire by just getting a recreational pass. The Tahquamenon falls themselves are a breathtaking site especially if you are camping around the place in winters. There is a paved pathway to take the visitors to the Upper Falls from amidst the forest cover. You can go for a swim, fish around the place or simply bask in the sun and relish the view here to your heart's content. The Upper Falls do not have a special campground about them but there are several from the state parks around here. After hiking to the Upper Falls, you can head to the renowned Brewery near the place to relish a delicious meal with a local flavor to it.

The Lower Fall

About four miles downstream from the Upper Fall is the yet another majestic sight to behold, the Lower Fall.  It consists of a total of five drop-offs in the Tahquamenon River and there is a special viewing platform to provide you with the best view of the area.  You can also walk up to the fall by walking into the water. The current here might cause a bit of trouble but it is worth every bit of the trouble. There is also an island nearby, accessible by boat and the view of the falls from there is equally mesmerizing. Camping around the lower falls comes easy since there is the Lower Falls Campground with all facilities for the campers.

Visit the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum

You might not be expecting it to be that great since it is just a museum but investing an hour to visit the Shipwreck museum when at Tahquamenon Falls can turn out to be a real great deal! Yes, this place is that great.  You can also cover the entire Whitefish Point region on your tour to the Shipwreck museum. The beach here is lovely with crystal clear water appealing you enough to make you jump in for a swim.  It may come as a surprise but the beach here is not much crowded and you might as well have it all to yourself. The view of Lake of Canada from the beach is worth the while and you are sure to love gazing at it on a peaceful evening.

Cover the Rivermouth

The Whitefish Bay and the Tahquamenon river meet here at Rivermouth and the place is a must visit on your trip to Tahquamenon Falls. There are a lot many adventure activities that you can enjoy here, from fishing to paddling all the way to the Marsh Island. There is the popular Emersion Trail covering the scenic area of this region. You can get to hear the songbirds en route this trail. Activities like Kayaking and swimming all the way to Lake Superior are taken up by the tourists all the time here. For a fun-filled experience, it is a great place to start off.

Explore the Tahquamenon River

Going on a river Canoe and Kayaking is popular activities here. For the campers and tourists who do not own a boat, it is easy to rent a boat and row it to some of the surrounding islands or simply row around the falls. For the people interested in fishing, there are specific places to row to in the middle of the river where they can catch walleye, pike, rock bass etc. If you love water activities, the Tahquamenon Falls and river will prove to be a heaven for you.

Take on a Hiking Trail

The State Park here is a home to several hiking trail routes and loops, each allowing you to examine the pristine wilderness of the Tahquamenon Falls. These take you from around the rivers, along streams and falls into the wild. Activities like skiing, snowshoeing and biking are also in full flow throughout the year for adventure enthusiasts. Of the six trails that you can take on in this area, every single one is better than the other. As tough a choice as it is, we advise you to have plenty of time in hand when you visit these areas for a full-fledged fun.

Love exploring? Well, the Tahquamenon Falls are just the place you should head to. Start from the point where the river empties itself into Lake Superior near Paradise and then cover the rest of the scenic places around the Tahquamenon Falls. The trip can prove to be a perfect balance between adventure and a therapy in the lap of nature.

Whether you're the regular camper or the one who is especially intrigued by waterfalls, the Tahquamenon Falls is a place that attracts not just people from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan but also from the entire Midwest USA. Being the biggest waterfall and a favorite camping and trailing spot in the area, the Tahquamenon Waterfalls are flooded by tourists throughout the year. What's little known about this place is that there are two waterfalls which make it, namely the Upper Falls and the Lower Fall.Originating from the 90-miles long Tahquamenon River, the Upper Falls are at a 50-foot height and are one of the most majestic sights you could behold in the middle of one of the biggest state parks in Michigan. The tranquillity, the wilderness and the recreational opportunities that are available here make Tahquamenon Falls a must visit for any travel enthusiast.