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The glittering blue eastern shore of Lake Michigan is best explored when you are in Port Huron- a city that might be quite small yet offers you the amenities that even many big cities cannot boast of. It wasn't for nothing that this place got the name of "Maritime Capital of the Great Lakes" since there is still a lot from the 'sailors and ships' era of Michigan that can be witnessed here. For instance, the Old Fort Gatriot House is the oldest Light House that has survived till date on the Great Lakes. Waterfront activities go hand in hand with the name of Port Huron, as is obvious with the name but what's little expected of the place is the amazing museums and art houses that are situated here. It is as if Lake Michigan carries with its waters, the culture of admiring and appreciating all kinds of arts.

How to Get to Port Huron

Port Huron is well connected by air, by water as well as by road. Being a popular vacation spot, may people prefer to drive to the place for camping in their RVs and explore the city during the weekends. If you're located in Michigan, head here to witness a totally different side of Michigan's culture. There are also flights from all the major cities across the country heading to Port Huron. The holiday season of summers might be overbooked so might need to get the booking done in advance.

Things to do and Places to See in Port Huron

Visit the Museums here

Though the food and the weather here qualify Port Huron as a port city, the crowd and the culture here speak differently. Port Huron has a rich collection of museums here like the Thomas Edison Depot Museum, the Knowlton Ice Museum and the Coast Guard Cutter Bramble Museum and taking the word of visitors, each one has as amazing exhibit of things as the other. The is also the Huron Lightship Museum which tells you about the time when there were no GPS devices or Radios and it was just the lights from the city that told you that you are about tom reach the shore. So rather than just preparing for some beach fun and some water sports to indulge in, it is better to look forward to a larger list of things to do when in Port Huron. Apart from the museums, there is also the Carnegie Center of arts that you should try not to miss out upon, especially if you are an art lover.

Visit the Fort Gatriot

 History is always amazing and it gives us an immense sense of pride to discover something from the past which is associated with the country. Fort Gatriot is sure to give you similar vibes. Located at the mouth of St. Claire River, this is the oldest lighthouse which exists till date on The Great Lakes. If that isn't enough the fact that it was built in the year 1814 shall surprise you enough. Also known as Port Huron Light, this lighthouse can be assessed through the military reservation area of Fort Gatriot. You can get here through the public park or through the shore of the beach of Lake Huron. Many campers who are RV camping in Port Huron prefer to drive to the beach parking and then at the opening of Lake Huron, they get to witness the best view of this ancient lighthouse.

International Blue Water Bridges

A lot of us would be mesmerized by the sight of the Blue Waters bridge because of the two obvious reasons. Firstly, they are the link between Ontario and Michigan- an economic corridor that speaks at length about our economic policies and secondly, the beautiful sight that these bridges are at night. You can take a boating trip at night to get the best view of the Blue Water Bridges. However, there is also a constant argument about whether it is the sunset that makes these bridges look the best or it is the light on these bridges that add to the aura of sunset on St. Clair River. These two bridges are a symbol of the 200 years of peaceful coexistence, which is a benchmark set by Canada and the USA as neighbors.

Take a boat Cruise on Huron Lady II

As the saying "In Rome, do as the Romans do" goes, there shall be a bit of Port city adventure when you are touring Port Huron. Start with the quintessential cruise on the Huron Lady II when you are in Port Huron. It isn't for the sake of cruising that you should hop on the Huron Lady II but for the mesmerizing views of the Blue Water Bridges, the Fort Gatriot Lighthouse and the American- Canadian Shoreline that it offers. It proves to be an enriching and "a once in a lifetime" experience that you will treasure. These Boat Cruises cost a petty sum and in return, you get to experience the authentic Lake Huron vibe.

Visit the Vantage Point Maritime Center

Not that it is one of the adventure filled and adrenaline rush activities, but watching the freight pass from the shore at the Vantage Point can prove to be quite fun. The view of the sapphire blue sky above the crystal-clear water and the freights coming and going in between looks nothing short of an art piece. You can chill by the seashore and maybe spend an evening chilling at the shore and indulge in activities like kayaking, sailboat racing, swimming and basking in the sun.

Port Huron is one of those cities where you can set aside all the worries of life and chill on a weekend or on an extended vacation. There is a little something to feed the creative, the adventurous and the fun loving souls here in Port Huron. So, put all your worries and worldly responsibilities on the back seat and discover the calm and quaint side of 'Blue' at Port Huron.