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Getting to Petoskey.
Getting to Petoskey is easiest done through the air route to Traverse City. You can land at the airport of Traverse City and Petoskey is just another 45-minute ride from the airport. If you'd like to take a car, you can rent one to take a road trip to Petoskey too. Driving in Northern Michigan is quite easy with the roads being quite uncrowded most of the time. However, the charges for rented cars and SUVs are quite high around the region
You can also go for an RV swap or rental. There are many great campgrounds in Petoskey for RV camping. The outdoors of Petoskey is best enjoyed by pitching a tent and camping on one of its exotic beaches.
Things to do in Petoskey
Petoskey Stone Hunting
The state stone of Michigan, Petoskey stone is one of the high points about traveling to the Petoskey Area. The most fun filled part of your tour can be the looking for Petoskey stones, and it is much more fun than it sounds.
History of Petoskey Stones
During the Devonian Period (350 years ago), the area which we know as Michigan was a place near the equator. The warm and shallow saltwater of helped the coral Hexagonaria Percarinata spread in abundance. Due the tectonic plate moments, Michigan became a dry landmass above sea level. The corals dried up, and another glacial action scraped these from the surface of the Earth and threw all the fossils on the lower northern peninsula, especially in the Petoskey-Bay region. These unusual specimens have since been a popular souvenir for the people who visit this place.
Places to Look for Petoskey Stones
Some of the best place to look for the Petoskey stones are:
1. Rockhounding, Lake Michigan - An ideal location to spot these Petoskey stones is Rockhounding. Spring is undoubtedly the best time of the year if you want to get plenty of these stones since the ice churns things up, bringing all the settled stones back on the top.
2. Magnus Park- The Magnus Park region in the south is suitable for picking Petoskey stones too since unlike other parks, this one is not much frequented by tourists.
3. Roadside Parks between Petoskey and Charlevoix- You can take the 32 South which leads to Charlevoix. There are numerous parks on this route, and you'll find a good many Petoskey stones here as well since they are not much frequently looked up for these stones.
4. Bayfront and Sunset Park- These places are at a walking distance from the Downtown Petoskey region.
5. Petoskey State Park-  The 2-miles long shoreline of this state park gives you a fair chance of spotting and picking some Petoskey stones.
Adventure Sports
Blessed with exotic natural beauty and resources, the list of adventure activities and water sports you can indulge in here is quite long. You can cast a line and catch some fish for a regional dinner as you camp or you can go for a riverboat tour on the Inland Waterway. The Boyne City waterfront here is known for the serene atmosphere, where you can relax without any worries of the world. There are several hiking trails along the ridges in Petoskey, and you can spend a day hiking in the land of gems.  Other activities include biking along the popular Little Traverse Wheel way. You can enjoy a true Michigan riding experience on this 26-mile biking trail. This covers all the eye-catching views of this region- from the mesmerizing Harbor Springs, the historic Bay View and other renowned tourist attractions Charlevoix to Bay harbor.
Bird Watching
Bird watching is an incredibly popular and sought after activity in Petoskey and the neighboring areas around the Lake Michigan.  You can carry a pair of binoculars and sit in one of the parks, watching these little creatures go about their activities. The 'Tip of the Mitt' bird watching trail is currently underway and once it is ready, bird watching in this region is going to be a lot more fun. Some of the areas where you can go for bird watching in Petoskey are- Bear River Valley Recreation Area, Little Traverse Conservancy Nature Preserves, Petoskey Regional Audubon Society and Spring Lake Park.
Go Shopping at the Regional Markets
There is a touch of the culture in the food, clothing and the whole vibe of Petoskey. Take with yourself a little part of this beautiful island by shopping at some of the popular destinations here. You can go on an evening stroll to the local market in Petoskey's historic Gaslight District. The place is very lively with plenty of things to attract your attention. The village market at Bay Harbor is another beautiful shopping area for tourists with many shops here selling the Petoskey stones.
The coastal cuisine is the primary kind of food that you can expect at the restaurants and eateries in Petoskey. Whether it is an Al Fresco dining at an eatery, a delicious brunch at a historic Inn or just a bite of the regional pies here, there is a local flavor to the food in Petoskey which makes your meal memorable.There are several wineries along the Petoskey- Traverse City route too which are worth paying a visit owing to the flavorful freshly brewed wine that they serve.
As the saying goes about places with great outdoors, you can best enjoy your tours of these places when you stay in the rustic settings, camping somewhere around the beaches or other natural campgrounds. Petoskey is the perfect combination of natural beauty and recreation. It makes an ideal family holiday destination.
Petoskey is a beautiful coastal city in Northern Michigan. With beaches that look like they are straight out of a dream, exquisite Victorian architecture to lure you and the popular Petoskey stones, it has been rightfully entitled as 'the Gem of Michigan." Apart from the beautiful scenic view and the glorious beaches, Petoskey happens to be a home for endless recreation. It is said that the magnificence of this place had greatly influenced the work of the famous writer Ernest Hemingway, who belonged to Petoskey.  So satiate your camping desires at the crossroads of recreation, sophistication, and charm in Petoskey.