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Apart from its mesmerizing port cities and the beautiful waterfronts, Michigan is also blessed with wineries and breweries that offer some of the finest wines manufactured in the country. Michigan happens to be the fourth greatest grape producer in the country, and there are more than fifty different varieties of grapes that are grown here. The Vineyards here are the exotically beautiful and the people in these areas also host vineyard weddings owing to the picturesque sight that they are. Grown within 25 miles of Lake Michigan, the grapes here have what they call 'the lake effect' to them which can also be felt in the wines that are manufactured in Michigan. So, when you are in Michigan next time, make sure to stop by the wineries in the area and get a taste of heaven in the wines here.

There are more than 100 vineyards in Michigan, and you'll experience the taste of some local ingredients in the wines made here. It does not come as a surprise that wine trails in Michigan are just as popular as the hiking trails.

Taste One of its kind Cherry Wines at the Cherry Republic

As rare as cherry wine is, it is even rarer to find properly brewed delicious cherry wines but when in Michigan, you can always head to the Cherry Republic. Located in the heart of Cherry Country, the Chery Republic is a place where you can get the taste of the finest cherry wines in the country. Though they aren't a huge hype yet, this is something worth experiencing. Moreover, the collection here isn't just limited to exotic cherry wines; you can also lay your hands on other delicious cherry products. Visit the Cherry Republic during the holiday season you're sure to fall in love with the merry and joyous environment here. You can also book for their Cherry Cheer event and other such activities that they organize if you're camping somewhere in the North Michigan. Though April is the wine month in Michigan yet, there are events held during holiday seasons throughout the year.

A tasting session at Blue Water Winery and Vineyard, Lexington

Located at a distance of twenty-five miles from the historic Port Huron, Blue Water Winery is known for manufacturing some of the finest wine in the state, made with premium grapes and was recently awarded Gold Medal at the Los Angeles Wine Competition. Just take the road leading up from Lake Huron when you are in Port Huron, and you'll be at Blue Water Winery. It would be a mistake to miss out on a chance to taste some of the vintage Pinot Noir, Riesling, and Chardonnay at Blue Waters. The fun part is, both your eyes as well as your taste buds are going to relish what they are served with here since the vineyard here is an epitome of natural magnificence. So, take the road less traveled and head to the Blue Water Winery because you owe it to yourself to taste a bit of star here.

Take a Wine Tasting Trail

There's no better way than taking on a wine trail if you want to enjoy wine tasting in Michigan. Unlike most parts of the country, the wine manufacturing business here isn't limited to one or two sophisticated names. Since most of the wineries are worth visiting, taking a wine tasting trail is the best option to go for.

1. Leelanau Peninsula Wine Trail

When in the Leelanau Peninsula, take on the local cuisine and drinks with the wine trail that covers all the twenty-five wineries in this area. The Leelanau Peninsula Wine Trail is divided into three mini trails - The Sleeping Bear Loop, the Northern Loop and the Grand Traverse Bay Loop. You get to experience some of the finest varieties of Chardonnay, Cabernet Franc, and Pinot Noir among others. Many of the wineries on this route have received international accolades for their wine making and seasoning recipes. Sit back in a cozy corner of the tasting room and indulge in a chat with the winemakers to know more about this art of theirs. Couldn't be a better way to enjoy holidays, isn't it?

2. Old Mission Peninsula Wine Tasting Trail

When camping anywhere on the Old Mission Peninsula, you can hop in for the Wine tasting trail held here because each of the seven wineries that the trail covers is known internationally for their exotically rich wines. Owing to the ideal climate here, the grapes are grown in the area have a rich aquatic flavor to them. Take the trail and taste for yourself the award winning Merlot, Gew rztramine and the lustfully flavorful ice wines that are served here. If taking the trail isn't your cup of tea, we just you to invest a few hours of your RV camping trip into visiting a few wineries on the route because you wouldn't get such prestigious ice wines and Gew rztramine anywhere else in the world.

3. Bay View Wine Trail

As it's known, the wines of Michigan have a special taste owing to the fact that the grapes here have a lakeside flavor to them. To add to this finesse, the wines manufactured in Traverse, Charlevoix, and Petoskey get an accent from the inland bays and lakes too. Take the bay view wine trail when you're RV camping somewhere in Petoskey or Traverse and taste for yourself the excellent old world wines that are manufactured here. The winery culture here is more than a hundred years old, and it continues to baffle wine enthusiasts from around the globe. Give yourself the luxury of tasting what very few people can claim to have tasted- the old world wines from the Bay region of Michigan.

Prepare to come back with a new favorite red or white wine when you take on the wine tasting tour in Michigan.  You will discover a new taste as you sip on the resultant of what the 15,000 acres of vineyards in Michigan have produced. So, make sure you rescue some of the wine trapped in old bottles when you are on a wine tasting tour in Michigan.