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Getting to Drummond Island

Drummond Island is closest from the East coast of the Upper Peninsula in Michigan. However, there are no bridges connecting  to the Drummond Island. You can take one of the three EUPTA ( Eastern Upper Peninsula Transportation Authority) ferries ,which are named 'SS Drummond Islander', to get here. If you plan on taking your RV across Lake Huron for camping, you can do so by paying for the transportation charges along with the ferry ticket. There is also a one-runway airport here if you prefer to take the air route.

To get the best outdoor experience here, you ought to go for camping rather than putting up at a private lodge. There are rustic primitive campgrounds on the state lands as well as some exotic campgrounds along the shoreline of the island for you to choose from.

Things to do at Drummond Island

Visit the Harbor Island Natural Wildlife Refuge

The Harbor Island Natural Wildlife Refuge is in the North side of Drummond  Island and it is a home to some of the rarest animal species found in Michigan. The refuge has marshy areas, sandy beaches, and some forest cover as well. A piece of natural perfection, this place is open to visitors only during the day hours and camping is not permitted. There are no motor vehicles allowed inside the premises of the refuge and the tourists are expected to wear only boots to be let in.

Go Hiking

The Island has a three-mile hiking trail in the Drummond Island Township Park. Also known as the heritage trail, this hiking experience is combined with bird watching and geocaching in the summers. During winters, you can enjoy snowshoeing or cross country skiing. The upper levels have limestone ledges and caves carved by the actions of natural agents while the lower levels of the trail take you through rocky beaches and the beautiful woodlands in this region.

Go Fishing in Lake Huron

Fishing is a sport that goes on all round the year on Drummond Island, even when the lake freezes. However, there is a requirement of a license for fishing in Lake Huron. There is a wide varieties of fish inhabiting the area around this island like Walleye, Pike, Salmon, and Smelt. It does not require putting in much effort since there are plenty of fish around here and by the time you finish, you will have caught plenty of them to have a barbecue in the open on the campground.

Other Water Activities

Being an island, most of the activities here are prone to be water based. The kayaking culture of Drummond is very popular among tourists owing to the lengthy distances it lets you cover. There are 100-mile long kayaking routes around the island. The fun part is that these are the very waters that were used by the French explorers and the Native Americans.

After Lake Huron and the inland lakes on Drummond Island freeze in winter, sports activities like dog sledge racing, snowshoeing, and skiing replace the usual swimming and sailing sports. The cross-country skiing competitions held here provide access to Canada via the ice bridge.

Drummond Island remains a fantastic place to visit throughout the year. There is something to catch your attention here all round the year like the Fall Festival which is held annually or the games and competitions that are favorites during winter. With plenty of attractions for adventurers, campers, and nature lovers, this island is indeed riddled with natural beauty and camping excitement.

Referred to as 'Michigan's Ultimate Playground', Drummond Island is one of the most beautiful places lying on the East of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. The saying about small presents having the biggest surprises inside stands true for this place. The 83-acre island is full of natural wonders and awe striking views. With 34 inland lakes and more than a hundred square miles of forest cover, the list of things to do here is endless.