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History of Detroit

Detroit has a rich history- from its name to the fame that the city has. Detroit's name has been derived from the French Strait détroit which is located between Erie and Lake Huron. It was in the year 1701 that Antoine De La Mothe Cadillac established a fort on the land where the city of Detroit stands today. The British forces took control of the area in the year 1760, and it was finally in 1796 that the area was finally a part of the USA after the victory of our forces in the battle of Fallen Timbers. In the year 1802, Detroit was declared and incorporated as a town. A great devastation in the form of fire took place in 1805.

 Things to do and Places to see in Detroit

1. Visit the Estate of Henry Ford

 The estate of Henry Ford is located in the suburb of Dearborn, in Fair Lane. The Ford couple lived here until 1915, and it's an exciting experience to see where the automaker spent a part of his life. The house has an inbuilt hydropower plant which supports power, heat and light needs of the estate. Some of the things here which are popular for their notable elegance are the human-made lake, the barn for the ponies, the gatehouse, the gardens and peonies here and not to forget, the Santa's Workshop and the bird houses here. You might think that there is nothing much about houses to see but this one is sure to prove you wrong.

2.  Explore the Greenfield Village and Henry Ford Museum

When in the locality of Dearborn, there is no point missing out on the masterpiece of Detroit- the Greenfield Village. You might take Henry Ford to be a bit self-infatuated when you learn that it was Henry Ford himself who established these two museums, of which Greenfield is more of an open-air exhibition.  However, there are some fine examples of the advances made in our country ever since the pioneering days. From the first steam locomotive of George Stephenson to the car in which JFK was assassinated, this place is like the Guinness book of automobiles. Greenfield Village is right next to the Henry Ford Museum, and it houses hundreds of historical monuments that were built in the 1800s and the 1900s. From Edison's laboratory to Bicycle Factory of the Wright brothers, you'll see some of the most fascinating things here at Greenfield Village.

3. Fall in love with Detroit's Riverfront

As you welcome the fresh green grass and bid goodbye to the snow from the previous season, the riverfront of Detroit gains back its crowd and becomes a site of attraction for the locals and the tourists alike. After the renovations were made at the Detroit waterfront, the beaches and resorts here have got much more appealing.  As summer descends on the city, water activities take the upper note in these areas. Tai Chi, biking, yoga, concerts, and races are some of the recreational stuff that you can expect to be part of. You can spend a fun evening here on your trip to Detroit.

 4. Visit the Michigan Science Center

Of the numerous museums located in Detroit, the MiSci takes the award owing to its fun, quirky and creative presentation of what seems to be very educational stuff. It is the innovative way to present these things that enable the curious minds to grasp new information each time they visit this place. If you love scientific things, book a special time slab to visit this amazing Museum on your trip to Detroit. There is an IMAX theater, a planetarium, special areas for kids and numerous exhibits to look at.

5. Enjoy your day at the Campus Martius Park

Campus Martius means the field of Mars in Latin, and there is an interesting story behind the establishment of this area.  It was after the fire of 1905 when the city was being reestablished that Augustus Woodward chose this area to be a place for memorizing how the city rose from ashes like a phoenix. Today the Campus Martius Park is a home to numerous fun activities from ice skating to theater performances. Being a historical site, it is worth paying a visit anyway, and it is the city center, it is well attached to all the major sites of interest. Head here if you are looking for some rookie street style fun in Detroit.

6. Save the best for the last- Eastern Market

Eastern Market is what remains of the rich history of Detroit today. It is the Michigan History State Site and is located at a mile's distance from downtown Detroit, which is a great place for budget shopping.  It was Farmer's market in 1841, and today it is spread in an area of 4.5 acres, being the biggest public market in the country. It is here that you can experience the true Detroit spirit and shop for some cheaply priced yet fresh fruits, veggies, and meat. If you're RV camping or simply pitching a tent in Detroit, this is the place you should pick your food from. There are campgrounds at a close distance from downtown Detroit and exploring the market shouldn't be trouble. You never know, this might turn out to be the best part of your Detroit trip.

Travelling to Detroit means carrying a big bag of expectations and excitement. It is well connected through air, land as well as through water. If you are yet to plan a trip, make it a summer destination because then the list of things you can do here won't end. Detroit is the perfect destination for anyone who loves art and culture with a tinge of a metropolitan lifestyle.

Apart from being the largest city in the state of Michigan, Detroit is also the entertainment hub of Michigan. Owing to its perfect location on the shores of Detroit River and Lake St Clair, Detroit attracts tourists round the year. The culture of Detroit is not limited to the typical port city culture; there is art to explore, fun activities to indulge in and fabulous scenic waterfronts to camp and take a walk along. From fine dining areas to exotic Detroit is known as 'metropolis of the automobile' owing to its reputation of being the busiest inland port in Michigan.