Campground Safety is extremely important for all type of camping.  Here is a list of Safety Considerations Campers don't always think about:

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  •         Make sure your fire is extinguished properly when done
  •         Check to make sure Pets and Children cant fall into fire
  •         Check local fire conditions for Forest Fire Possibility
  •         Cook in a safe manner with proper tools and make sure food is fully cooked
  •         Check out for current information about forest fires

If Bears or other Predators are in the area make sure food is correctly stored
Always have a buddy system when dangerous wildlife is present
Talk loudly when hiking so that you don't walk up and scare wildlife

Check local weather forecast to make sure no dangerous storms are coming
Plan ahead with proper clothing and rain gear
Check the site for current and future weather forecasts
  • Never drink untreated water.
  • Get your water from approved drinkable source
  • Bring water from home just in case
  • Boil any water that you may question to kill off bacteria and parasites