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Connected to all the major roads, it is easy to get to Ann Arbor via road as well as via air but take an RV and ride to Ann Arbor if you want to enjoy your trip as well. There are RV campgrounds as well as tent campsites for the tourists in Ann Arbor because the majority of people prefer staying close to nature here rather than spending their time in a hotel.

Things to do and places to see in Ann Arbor

Explore the historic Kerrytown

Kerrytown is just as unusual a district as its name makes it appear.  Located in Ann Arbor itself, this place has classic brick streets, quaintly aligned markets and a long line of shops to window shop from. It was to be a part of the main Ann Arbor town, but then the glory and quaintness of the place were restored due to the charm it has on tourists.  When in Ann Arbor, find some time to visit Kerrytown- a historical and architectural genius.

The Museum of Art at University of Michigan

Just like the rest of Michigan, even Ann Arbor is a place where art and culture are deeply rooted. The Museum of Art was built in the year 1909 as a War Memorial and is still the biggest museum in Michigan. It houses more than 19,000 relics and works that portray the different forms, development and cultures of media since its advent.  You'd be surprised to find the works of some of the most famous artists to have lived like Pablo Picasso, Monet, Franz Kline and Randolph Rogers. The 150 years of legacy of the University are preserved here in the Museum of Art. There are also workshops, programs, and lectures held here from time to time and you can be a part of it by booking in advance for the same.

Relax by the Huron River

The Huron River in Ann Arbor is one of the many scenically beautiful places that you can head to if you want to take a break from the hectic everyday schedule. Not only is the river area exquisite, but there are also a lot of activities to indulge in if you want to add a tinge of adventure to your holiday mood. You can go kayaking or even rent a canoe to take a trip down the clear Huron River.

Get Awestruck at the Museum of Natural History

One of the few museums at University of Michigan is the Museum of Natural History.  The 22,000 square feet area of the museum is full of some amazing exhibits that will make sure you enjoy every moment of your time here. Of the numerous things that you should see here, the Geology display and the anthropology displays should not be missed out.
There is also a wildlife Gallery here with exhibits of animals and a Hall of Evolution that portrays the steps right from the first stages of development. Give an hour of your trip to Ann Arbor here, and you won't regret the experience you get here.

Relish your eyes at Matthaei Botanical Gardens and the Nicholas Arboretum

You can get to see some of the finest botanical riches in Ann Arbor's Matthaei Botanical Gardens which is operated by the University of Michigan along with the Nicholas Arboretum.  There are various gardens in the botanical garden section like the Great Lakes Garden, the Garfield Children's Garden, the Bonsai Garden, etc. It does not end here; there are wildlife and birdwatching sections at the Matthaei Gardens as well. You can sight some beautiful creatures here and then maybe move ahead on a hiking trail here. The Nicholas Arboretum is another wonderful place located next to the Botanical Gardens.  There are many historical and beautiful plants at the Nicholas Arboretum. The best part? These gardens are open seven days a week, and you can reserve them for a Sunday when many other tourist attractions are shut down.

Give in to your senses at De Angelis Cantina del Vino

When in Ann Arbor, the o one thing you better not miss is the wine. De Angelis Cantina del Vino is a winery, probably the finest in Ann Arbor, which produces 100% natural wine, without any added ingredients. The grapes used for making wine here are specially harvested and picked at the right time to ensure the finest flavor in the wines. The two types wines made at De Angelis Cantina del Vino are- Cabernet Sauvignon which is ages in special oak barrels and the other is Merlot. Though you can get the wine from this winery at any shop in Ann Arbor but why miss out when you have the chance to visit the home of the best wine in Ann Arbor?

Ann Arbour has numerous other parks, gardens, museums and wineries but if you're on a short trip, make sure to cover the major few that have been listed above. There are petting farms and conservatories, amazing bakeries and some of the finest scenic sights to relish. If you're an art lover, there is always something to be a part of at the museums here. So much so, there will be something new to discover here every weekend and therefore make sure you keep enough time on hand to cover most of the beautiful Ann Arbor. To make the most of your trip to Ann Arbour, go for camping and do not miss out on the local markets here.

Ann Arbor is an eye soothing, soul healing destination which gives you the true Michigan vibe.  From an action packed sports weekend to a calm and chilled out vacation, Ann Arbor can prove to be your ideal holiday spot for any mood.  There are adventure activities like hiking trails and skating to indulge in and at the same time, there are botanical gardens and museums to understand what is unsaid in the form of nature and art. If you love camping, you are going to find Ann Arbor even more beautiful since that's how you can best experience the 'Pure Michigan Vibe' here.